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The Official Rulebook

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1 The Official Rulebook on Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:01 pm


The Rules
These rules were made for the site to keep it a helpful, happy place.
The rules here are broken up into Overall Rules and Roleplaying Rules.


Upon joining this site, you, the member, have agreed to follow our rules. This being said, if you do not follow the rules, you will be punished. We do not ease or increase punishments based on the person, but rather the action. The rules here were created by the owners for a reason. If the are broken, the consequences are the member's, i.e. your, fault; not the staffs'.

The punishments are as followed:

• Warning: Three warnings are the maximum before suspension, or even banning can occur. This step can be missed depending on the rule that was broken.
• Suspension: A suspension can be anywhere from a week to a month. This step can be missed depending on the rule that was broken.
• Banning: A ban can range from a year to a life long ban. These can be instant or they can be received from several suspensions.

Please remember, the rules listed below are for your benefit as well as ours. Rules can be added and removed with, or without, warning. Instant banning from the site is also an option, once banned it is up to the owners if you will be able to return or not.

Also, once you have entered this site as a member, or even if you view it as a guest, everything here belongs to their owners rightfully. If anything is stolen, there will be consequences. Seeing as we advertise in only one place, it will be easy to track down the thief. Simply put, do not steal from us.

Please continue on to read the rules below.

2 Re: The Official Rulebook on Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:25 pm


Site Rules
These rules were made to be followed throughout the whole site. These apply to anywhere out of character, though some do not apply for in character.

• Keep the site at a PG-13 or Teen rated level.
This is for the safety of our younger viewers.

• Keep the drama outside of the Roleplay Section to a minimum.
We can't tell you to keep the drama to yourself or to not have it at all because no one can avoid it. Keep it in character in the Roleplay Section or rant about it in the Rant Section.

• No Spamming.
There is no need to post multiple threads of the same topic. Spamming also includes advertising in one thread about a topic in a different one, i.e. a roleplay in the introductions thread.

• Respect all members.
We do not care if you hate the person in real life or not, but respect is a big thing on this site. This includes everyone from the newbies to the staff.
Note: Disrespect towards the co-owners will not be tolerated on any level and it can lead to an instant ban.

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3 Re: The Official Rulebook on Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:25 pm


Roleplay Rules
These rules are just for the Roleplaying Section. However, to make sure that people actually read them, we decided to put them here.

• No Godmodding & Powerplay.
Godmodding or, as it's also known as, "powerplay" is when you, or your character, takes control of another person's character. This is commonly found in fighting scenes, but it can be found in other places throughout roleplays.
In any case, it is not tolerated unless the person has permission from the other roleplayer to do so.

• No Mary-Sues & Gary-Sues.
Mary-Sues or, for males, Gary-Sues are when the character is flawless. Some examples of this are when the character is either too graceful and can dodge every hit or the character can catch all the rabbits in the world. We do not tolerate this because nobody in real life is perfect. Everyone and everything has flaws, and that includes characters, too.

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4 Re: The Official Rulebook on Sat Dec 29, 2012 1:27 pm


Copyright Rules
Out of all the rules, these are the most important rules. These rules are rules that will lead to instant banning no matter how much you've broken the rules in this section.

• Names, Pictures, and Descriptions are Copyrighted.
This is a very obvious thing, but not everyone fully understands it.

Common names are permitted to be used by everyone unless the owner asks otherwise. Uncommon or unique names are not to be used by anyone but that person. If you have to question "Am I allowed to use this name?" the chances are, probably not. If you're unsure, don't use it. That's that.

Pictures are copyrighted to their original owners. The owner must be linked or credited by name. If you are unsure just put "I do not own this image" somewhere below it or on the post. That being said, if you see it with a signature or the character's name on it, don't use it. Especially not here. We would have issues with that due to the fact it is copyrighted and the design belongs to said character.

Descriptions, like pictures, are copyrighted to their original owners. Don't steal these for they belong to the owner. Descriptions based off of images are fine as long as you link the image it was based off of.

• Altered Human Beings are copyrighted.
You may do a roleplay with them, but the actual species is copyrighted to the owners of this site.
If anyone uses them without permission, it is an instant ban.

• Dragon-Angels are copyrighted.
These belong to Jovec/IceCreamFreak.
Stealing these is an instant ban, no question about it.

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