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Myths and Legends

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1 Myths and Legends on Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:34 pm


There are the Gods and there are the Goddesses. There are the Titans and there are the spirits; making their own myth, their own life. They live their life in the lands of the Gods, Olympus, or in the Elysium, the paradise, or the Underworld, Hell. If they choose, they can live on Earth. They can be anywhere they please. They may live their lives among mortals. Some gods do die and be reborn. Who knows what fate will bring them. This is set in the modern time.

Rules you must follow

☼No Godmodding☼
☼No Mary/Gary sues☼
☼No sudden changes to the abilities.☼
☼This is semi-literate, you must have at least a couple of sentences. We understand if you have some that you're like, "Well, I can't think of anything", but try to be in detail most of the time.☼
☼The gods and goddesses and the titans and the heroes/humans are all up for grabs.☼
☼Do not change the names of anyone you choose, unless the Gods have an alias to merge with the humans but in general you SHOULD NOT change your God/Goddess' and/or Spirit's name.☼

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2 Titans on Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:46 pm


Titans can turn into their gigantic form or they can be as small as a human at will.

Hyperion: Titan of light. With Theia, he is the father of Helios, Selene and Eos.

Iapetus: Titan of Mortality and father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius and Atlas

Coeus: Titan of Intellect and the axis of heaven around which the constellations revolved.(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Crius: Least individualized of the Twelve Titans. He is the father of Astraeus, Pallas and Perses.

Cronus: Leader of the Titans. Overthrew his father Uranus and was overthrown by Zeus.(Taken by Jovec)

Mnemosyne: Titan of Memory and rememberance and mother of the Nine Muses.

Oceanus: Titan of the all-encircling river Oceans around the earth.

Phoebe: Titan of the “bright” intellect and prophecy.

Rhea: Titan of female fertility, motherhood and generation. She is the sister and consort of Cronus and mother of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia.(Taken by Jovec)

Tethys: Wife of Oceanus and the mother of rivers, springs, streams, fountains and clouds.

Theia: Titan of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky. Consort of Hyperion and mother of Helios, Selene and Eos.

Themis: Titan of divine law and order.

Astraeus: Titan of dusk, stars and planets and the art of astrology.

Eos: Titan of the dawn.

Helios: Titan of the sun and guardian of oaths.

Cleymene (or Asia): Titan of renown, fame, aind infamy and wife of Iapetos.

Leto: Titan of Motherhood and mother of the twin Olympians, Artemis and Apollo.

Menoetius: Titan of violent anger, rash action and human mortality.

Metis: Titan of good counsel, advice, planning, cunning, craftiness and wisdom.

Ophion: An Elder titan.

Pallas: Titan of warcraft.

Perses: Titan of destruction and peace.

Selene: Titan of the moon.

Styx: Titan of the Underworld River. Personification of Hatred.

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3 Gods and Goddesses on Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:12 pm


Gods and Goddesses
Gods and Goddesses, since they are born from titans, have the same power that titans generally have: They can be huge or small at will.

[size=9]Chaos: Goddess of Nothing in which all else sprang.(Taken by Jovec)

Chronos (or Kronos): God of time. (Taken by Pierrot)

Erebos (or Erebus): God of darkness and shadow. (Taken by Pierrot)

Gaia (Or Gaea or Ge): Personification of the Earth; mother of the titans.

Hemera: Goddess of daylight.

Hypnos: God of sleep (Taken by Jovec)

Thanatos: God of Death, minister of Hades (Taken by Jovec)

Nyx: Goddess of Night. (Taken by Pierrot)

Uranus (or Aion): God of the Heavens, father of the titans.

Tartarus: God of the deepest, darkest part of the underworld, the Tartarean pit.

Aphrodite: Goddess of love, beauty, desire and pleasure.

Apollo: God of light, music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, darkness, prophecy, poetry, purity, athleticism, manly beauty, and enlightenment.(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Ares: God of war, bloodshed, and violence.(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Artemis: Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals, young girls, childbirth and plague.

Athena: Goddess of intelligence and skill, warfare, battle strategy, handicrafts and wisdom.

Demeter (or Ceres): Goddess of grain, agriculture and the harvest, growth and nourishment.

Dionysus: God of wine, parties, festivals, madness, chaos, drunkenness, drugs and ecstasy.

Hades: King of the Underworld and the dead, god of the Earth’s hidden wealth, both agricultural produce and precious metals. (Taken by Jovec)

Hephaestus: God of fire, metalworking and crafts. Crippled.

Hera: Queen of the Heavens and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings and empires.

Hermes: God of boundaries, travel, communication, trade, thievery, trickery, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics and animal husbandry.(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Hestia: Goddess of the hearth, home and chastity.

Poseidon: God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, earthquakes and the creator of horses.

Zeus (or Jove): King of the gods, ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order and fate. (Taken by Jovec)

Eirene: Goddess of Peace.

Harmonia: Goddess of harmony and concord

Hebe: Goddess of youth

Nike: Goddess of victory.

Tyche: Goddess of fortune, chance, providence and fate

Hecate: Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy.

Macaria: Goddess of blessed death

Persephone: Goddess of spring growth, Queen of the underworld and wife of Hades

Thoosa: Goddess of swift currents

Amphirite: Sea goddess and consort of Poseidon

Chione: Goddess of snow

Iris: Goddess of rainbows and divine messenger

Psyche: Goddess of the soul

Asclepius: God of healing

Panacea: Goddess of healing

Enyo: Goddess of destructive war

Hermaphroditus: God of hermaphrodites and effeminate men

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4 Spirits on Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:50 pm


Spirits can take on various forms.

Adephagia: Spirit of satiety and gluttony

Adikia: Spirit of wrongdoing and injustice

Aergia: Spirit of idleness, laziness, indolence and sloth.

Agon: Spirit of contest.

Alastor:Spirit of blood feuds and vengeance

Aletheia Spirit of truth, truthfulness and sincerity.

Anaideia: Spirit of ruthlessness, shamelessness and unforgivingness.

Androktasiai: Spirits of battlefield slaughter

Angelia: Spirit of messages, tidings and proclamations

Bia: Spirit of force, power, bodily strength and compulsion.

Deimos: Spirit of fear, dread and terror

Delphin: Personification of dolphins. (Taken by Jovec)

Dike: Spirit of justice, fair judgment and the rights established by custom and law

Dysnomia: Spirit of lawlessness and poor civil constitution

Dyssebia: Spirit of impiety

Ekechiria: Spirit of truce, armistice, and the cessation of  all hostilities

Eleos: Spirit of mercy, pity and compassion

Kalokagathia: Spirit of nobility.

The Keres: Spirit of violent or cruel death

Kratos: Spirit of strength, might, power and sovereign rule(Taken by Jovec)

Koalemos: Spirit of stupidity and foolishness

Michai: Spirits of fighting and combat

Mania: Spirits of madness, insanity, and frenzy.

The Morai (fates)

  • Clotho: Spinner of the thread of life
    Lachesis: The measurer of the life thread
    Atropos: The server of the life thread

Moros: Spirit of doom

The Oniori

  • Epiales: Spirit of nightmare
    Morpheus: God of dreams
    Phantasos: Spirits of dreams, fantasy, whom takes shape of inanimate objects.
    Phobetor (or Icelos): Spirit of nightmare who takes shape of animals.

Palioxis: Spirit of backrush, flight and retreat from battle

Philophrosyne: Spirit of friendliness, kindness and welcome

Pilotes: Spirit of friendship, affection, and sexual intercourse

Phobos: Spirit of panic fear, flight and battlefield rout

Phthonus: Spirit of envy and jealousy

Pistis: Spirit of trust, honesty and good faith

Pione: Spirit of retribution, vengeance, recompense, punishment and penalty for the crime of manslaughter and murder

Polemos: Personification of war

Ponos: Spirit of hard labor and toil

The Pseudologoi: Spirits of lies

Soter: Male spirit of safety, preservation, and deliverance from harm.

Soteria: female personification of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm.

Techne: Personification of art and skill

Thrasos: Spirit of boldness

Zelos (or Zelus): Spirit of eager rivalry, emulation, envy, jealousy and zeal

Ampiraraus: Hero of the war Seven Against Thebe who became an oracular spirit of the Underworld after his death.

Cerberus: Three headed hound who guarded the gates of Hades (Automatically with Hades, doesn't count)(Taken by Jovec)

Charon: Ferryman of Hades

Empusa: Monstrous underworld spirit with flaming hair, the leg of a goat and a leg of a bronze. They are also servants of Hecate.

Judges of the Dead

  • Aiakos: Former mortal king of Aegina, guardian of the keys of Hades and judge of the men of Europe (Taken by Pierrot)
    Minos: Former mortal king of Crete and judge of the final vote.(Taken by Jovec)
    Rhadamanthys: Former lawmaker and judge of the men of Asia(Taken by Jovec)

Keuthonymos: An underworld spirit

Lamia: Vampiric Underworld spirit or Spirits in the train of Hecate

Melinoe: Presides over the propitiations offered to the ghosts of the dead.

Mormo: Fearsome Underworld spirits or spirit under the train of Hecate

Rivers of the Underworld:

  • Acheron:  River of Pain
    Kokytos: River of wailing
    Lethe: Spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion and of the river of the same name.
    Phlegeton: River of fire
    Styx: River of oaths

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5 Re: Myths and Legends on Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:40 pm


Heroes and humans:
These are reincarnations and they should have a flashback of the specific human/hero.

Pandora: the first woman(Taken by Jovec)

Hector: Hero of the Trojan War and champion of the Trojan people(Taken by Paranoidia)

Orpheus: A legendary musician and poet who attempted to revive his dead wife from the Underworld(Taken by Jovec)

Semele: Mother of Dionysus

Penelope: Loyal wife of Odysseus

Athamas: a king of Orchomenus

Aleus: A king of Tegea

Sisyphus: A king who attempted to cheat death

Talaus: King of Argos who sailed with the Argonauts

Proetus: a king of Argos and Tiryns

Cassandra: Proncess of Troy who can see the future but was never believed(Taken by Paranoidia)

Helenus: Twin brother of Cassandra

Hyppolyta: Daughter of Ares and Queen of the Amazon

Areto: An Amazon

Odysseus: Hero and king of Ithaca

Oxyntes: King of Athens

Oebalus: King of Sparta

Perseus: Slayer of Medusa(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Danae: Mother of Perseus by Zeus

Andromache: Wife of Hector

Andromeda: Wife of Perseus

Arachne: Skilled weaver, transformed into a spider by Athena.

Europa: A woman abducted by Zeus

Daedalus: Trapped in his own creations (labyrinths) by Minos.(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Theseus: Slayer of the Minotaur(Taken by DancingDerpkip)

Caeneus (formerly Caenis): A woman who was transformed into a man and became a mighty warrior

Ariadne: Daughter of Minos and aided Theseus and became the wife of Dionysus

Helen: A woman's whose abduction caused the Trojan War

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6 Forms on Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:55 pm




Name of Titan:
Appearance (can use pictures): (Must describe completely and although you are using a picture, the character must vary from picture if from google)


Name of God/Goddess:
Appearance (can use pictures): (Must describe completely and although you are using a picture, the character must vary from picture if from google)
Safe Haven: (Either Elysium, Underworld, Olympus or other)


Spirit's name:
Appearance (can use picture): (Must describe completely and although you are using a picture, the character must vary from picture if from google)
Additional abilities: (if not already specified)


Human's name:
Reincarnation of:
Appearance: (Must describe completely and although you are using a picture, the character must vary from picture if from google)
Abilities: (if not already specified)
Constellation: (Some humans can have the same, you can google random constellations)

"It wasn't me.
It was you.
You killed him, and yourself...

"I'm...I'm a crooked man... No matter what, that's what I'll be...and those are the things that I'll have...!"

7 Re: Myths and Legends on Sun Oct 13, 2013 4:58 pm



Name of Titan: Rhea
Appearance (can use pictures): She has lovely long, golden hair and shining green eyes that expresses happiness and joy. She has a delicate and elegant build, a beautiful hourglass-like figure. She has soft, fair skin. Her lips are a pale pink. Normally, she would wear a veil.
Personality: She is kind and loving. She is tender and gentle as well. She cares for all of her children and she hopes the best for them. She doesn't approve of violence however. She is optimistic and silly sometimes and would love to cheer up anyone. She is afraid of Cronus however, even at the mention of Cronus.
Misc: She loves staying in the Elysium and sit under the tree. She loves flowers and tends to pick them. She likes chocolate.


Name of God/Goddess: Thanatos
Appearance (can use pictures): A forlorn-looking young male who has wings. He has black hair that is long and silver eyes. His eyes doesn't show his life or excitement. He normally has his eyes cast onto the floor. His wings are a glossy black. He has very, very pale skin.
Personality: He is quiet and rarely opens up to people. He doesn't like rather large groups. Unlike the Keres, he would much rather kill people in their sleep. He opens up to his twin brother, Hypnos most of the time. He also helps aid Hades in decisions. However, just because he's lonely and doesn't talk much doesn't mean he won't kill people violently when pushed. His anger is quite slow, but he is persistent in giving people death when they are due.
Misc: He likes blackberries, often has a snake with him
Safe Haven: Underworld

Name of God/Goddess: Zeus
Appearance (can use pictures): He has short, golden hair and bright golden eyes that fade to green. He has fair skin that is slightly tanned and has a more masculine build than Hades. He is handsome and lively. He prefers to be shirtless most of the time if he could.
Personality: He has a very outgoing nature and tends to be random sometimes. He has a sadistic side to him and he tends to have his victims be either Poseidon or Hades. He likes to prank people and the other Gods and Goddesses. He truly loves Hera, but loves to see her jealous. Zeus does have a serious side as well and when angry, he will punish those who have angered him badly. He can sometimes be self-centered and obnoxious.
Misc: He sometimes go by "Jove"
Safe Haven: Olympus

Name of God/Goddess: Hades
Appearance (can use pictures): Hades have such pale skin and wears such dark clothing. He has long, dark hair and his eyes are purple eyes that fade to dark gray. The whites of his eyes are a dark, dark purple. His hair has streaks of gray. Hades often has a frown and looks like he has no emotions. He isn't as built as Zeus, however, but he does have a lightly muscled body. Parts of his armor, however, are like bones.
Personality: He tends to want to avoid trouble and is often misinterpreted as an evil man because of his looks. He does get angry sometimes but tries to hide his anger from Persephone. He often thinks literally and "innocently", missing jokes that people would make towards him.
Misc: Has Cerberus on his side, loves the pomegranate
Safe Haven: Underworld


Spirit's name: Kratos Alexiou
Appearance (can use picture): Shoulder-length black hair with a streak of white. He has a build meant for strength but he isn't too muscular. He has bright blue eyes that contrasts greatly from his hair. He would have a bow and arrow with him, and a sword the next. He is quite short, standing at 5 feet.
Personality: Kratos hates the sight of tears and would yell at whoever's crying. He is strongly opinionated, and would stand up for his rights at any time. He is also just and fair, and would uncover the truth. He often practices his archery and swordsmanship. Recently, however, he was starting to practice his marksmanship. He is quiet and serious.
Misc: He secretly likes milk and cats.
Additional abilities: Strength

Spirit's name: Delphin Seas
Appearance (can use picture): Delphin has pale blue hair and pale blue eyes. He has soft, fair skin. He likes wearing headbands. He often turns into a dolphin at will. Delphin looks like a child majority of the time and has a natural blush upon his face. He can often be mistaken for a girl.
Personality: He is playful but he knows how to get his duties done. He is rather close to Poseidon than with any other God. He is somewhat intimidated by Hades, however. He doesn't like to admit that he hates Zeus and Ares. He hates the smell of blood and would much rather get away. When he is pushed, however, he will use the ocean and the other dolphins to cause his offender harm.
Misc: Loves playing volleyball and going on the beach
Additional abilities: He is able to call upon dolphins and use water to his defense.

***Spirit's name: Rhadamanthys Ryuu
Appearance (can use picture): Red hair that often is in a low ponytail. His bangs are split into cat-eared bangs. He often wears a judge's robe. His eyes are a violet color and his skin is pale. Anyone can tell that he is muscled, but he isn't like a bodybuilder.
Personality: He is serious and quick tempered. He will often lash out due to anger. He tries to be fair and just, being a judge of the Underworld. He holds grudges and he tends to be bitter a lot of the time.
Misc: He doesn't like Apollo and often tries to sway Hades to kill off Apollo
Additional abilities: Dark flames***


Human's name: Pandora Perri
Reincarnation of: Pandora
Appearance: Long brown hair with chocolate eyes. She has a delicate figure. She has rather large breasts and an hourglass-like figure. She is a little on the petite side for the height of human girls.
Personality: She is short tempered and will get annoyed rather easily. She is sarcastic and she is also sadistic. She hates Athena with a passion as well as Zeus. She can be serious and sentimental sometimes. She doesn't like showing affection openly and would often deny if someone were to be accurate about her feelings. She is, however, naturally curious.
Misc: She likes to nibble on cookies.
Abilities: Nothing
Constellation: Scorpius
Date-of-Birth: November 6th
Horoscope: Scorpio

Human's name: Aria Nexus
Reincarnation of: Orpheus
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair that is shoulder-length. He, like Delphin, has a natural blush that stains his cheeks. He is average for a boy's build. He often has headsets and an MP3 with him. Aria has gray eyes and pale skin. He, also like Delphin, could be mistaken for a girl.
Personality: He is totally against violence and hate. He always finds the chance to forgive and doesn't often keep his anger. He loves smiling despite his own pain. It is very hard for him to raise a hand against someone and it is rare for him to hit someone. Aria Nexus loves the sky and its constellations, easily mesmerized by it as well. He doesn't seem to show fear of trying out new things and he doesn't seem to show fear towards anyone. He could also be described as "brave".
Misc: He is mute.
Abilities: Nothing.
Constellation: Lyra
Date-of-Birth: February 20th
Horoscope: Pisces

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"It wasn't me.
It was you.
You killed him, and yourself...

"I'm...I'm a crooked man... No matter what, that's what I'll be...and those are the things that I'll have...!"

8 Re: Myths and Legends on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:10 pm



Name of God/Goddess: Chronos/Kronos
Appearance (can use pictures): Blonde haired male with his hair pulled into a low ponytail. He has sky blue eyes and pale skin. Often has an hourglass with him.
Personality: Calm, collected and casual, he is often seen as noble. Most times, he spends his time alone and comes off as a bitter male. He doesn't speak to really anyone.
Misc: Likes to write.
Safe Haven: Olympus.

Name of God/Goddess: Nyx
Appearance (can use pictures): Beautiful, pale female. It is clear she lacks the nutrition from the sunlight. She has beautiful black tattoos that cover her body, though people say they turn white on a full moon. Her eyes are a beautiful deep blue-black that seem to sparkle and reflect the night sky. She has long white hair that is braided on one side of her face all the way down. She has long lashes and a faint blush to her cheeks.
Personality: Mostly active during her time of day, she enjoys to waste the day by sleeping. She enjoys poetry and is very creative. She seems to have a motherly nature and acts as a guide.
Misc: Likes cats and astronomy.
Safe Haven: Earth.

Name of God/Goddess: Erebos/Erebus
Appearance (can use pictures): Male with shorter, feathery jet black hair. He has blue eyes and a pale complexion. He is very feminine in appearance.
Personality: He is merely a shadow, very quiet and very lonely. He doesn't really like people and despises society. He likes to do his own thing.
Misc: He is often there and gone.
Safe Haven: Underworld


Spirit's name: Aiakos
Appearance (can use picture): Long jet black hair, tied up in a ponytail that hangs over his shoulder. He has a pale complexion and warm hazel eyes. He stands rather tall at six feet.
Personality: Aiakos is a gentleman, he is polite to women and can sometimes be a bit of a skirt-chaser. He has a sharp wit and snappy personality. He is a bit sarcastic.
Misc: He likes birds and trinkets.
Additional abilities: Turns into a raven, seems to have slight control over water.

Will pretty these up later with colors


9 Re: Myths and Legends on Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:53 pm


Name of God/Goddess: Poseidon
Appearance (can use pictures): Has long light blue hair that slowly turns to dark blue as it goes down. He has golden or light yellow clothing that is loose and flowy, along with a light blue butt-cape made of silk that has the image of water. He has light purple eyes accompanied by long eyelashes. He a gold necklace that has an emerald stone pendant. He also wears gold earrings with matching emerald pendants.
Personality:Poseidon is very easy going. He is most of the time silly, but there are times when he's angry for no reason at all. He likes his alone time, but doesn't mind having people around him. He doesn't like pranks and would get extremely mad if someone pulled a prank on him.
Misc:The ocean responds to his feelings. Sometimes haves a starfish on his head.
Safe Haven: Bottom of the ocean.

Name of God/Goddess: Hypnos
Appearance (can use pictures): A delicate looking man with wings. He has white hair that is long and gold eyes. When he is doing nothing much, his eyes are closed as if he were sleeping. His wings are dull-looking and pure white. He has pale skin, though not as pale as his brother's.
Personality: Hypnos enjoys the sound of nothing, but he doesn't mind it if anyone comes and talks to him. He prefers to stay near his brother, Thanatos. Hypnos doesn't like people dying, and would avoid needless bloodshed. He rarely gets angry.
Misc: He likes to grow poppies near his cave.
Safe Haven: His cave near the underworld and anywhere with Thanatos.

Name of God/Goddess: Persephone
Appearance (can use pictures): Has long, wavy light brown hair with red streaks. She wears an onyx ring to symbolize her marriage to Hades. She usually wears green and gold with a gold circlet that has rubies embedded into it.  
Personality: Persephone will attempt to solve any problems that involves anyone that she is close with. When she's angry, she acts like a little girl by throwing a temper tantrum. She's mostly kind and realistic about things.
Misc: She likes growing flowers in the underworld and also spending time with Hades.
Safe Haven: Elysium and the Underworld.


***Spirit's name:Minos Griffin
Appearance (can use picture): Minos has silver hair that is loose and flowy. He wears black leather pants and a black leather jacket that is zipped up but stops short, exposing this muscular chest. He also has dark purple cape to fit the outfit. He wears this more often than his judge's robe. He has amber eyes. He also has onyx earrings.
Personality: Minos is laid-back and not so easy to anger. He likes to make jokes and hates doing work, especially judge duty. He likes to wander around and he seems to be curious about everything. When he is serious, he doesn't take jokes like he would normally and he would be much more down to earth, but his seriousness doesn't last long unless the situation is very big.
Misc: Minos can summon a pair of purple wings from his life energy, but it doesn't harm him at all.
Additional abilities: Summons wings and can manipulate people with invisible strings.***

Spirit's name: Zelos Wilder
Appearance (can use picture): Long, red hair that this thick and layered. He wears a pink jacket with black pants. He has a gold bracelet. He has light blue eyes and rosy lips. He is strikingly beautiful than any human at first sight.
Personality: Zelos is light-hearted and bright. He likes it when people are jealous of him for his beauty, but he becomes angry when others mention his true ugliness.
Misc: He becomes his true form when he his extremely angry.
Additional abilities: could transform into a large emerald snake.


No one needs Issac!

10 Re: Myths and Legends on Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:08 pm


Name of Titan: Coeus
Appearance: He looks middle aged and has a black beard, silver eyes and has short black hair, he wears a green toga and sandals, he also has fair skin and has some muscle but not a lot.
Personality: he is very wise and knowledgeable, he chooses his words wisely in an argument and sees both sides of one, he is not very social though and will keep to himself if he can, sometimes found in deep thought looking up into the sky. He is very curious of modern technology and will sometimes bring it back with him from Earth and study it in Elysium.
Misc: At night he goes to Earth and study the constellations that appear in the sky with his telescope.
Safe Heaven: Elysium

Name of God/Goddess:Hermes
Appearance: young looking, and skinny, he has a light tan along with brown hair and golden eyes, he wears yellow and black tennis shoes with wings imprinted on the side of them and always wears a track suit, mostly a blue and orange track suit with a tortoise symbol on the back.
Personality: He is very energetic and can be skeptical at times about messages he must carry on and always places the well being of humans first, on the inside he feels that he is out of place among the other Gods but he doesn't openly express this. Instead he always keeps a smile on his face and tries to stay on everyone's good side, even Hades.
Misc: Has a pet rooster, spends most of his time on Earth and visits Percy.
Safe Heaven: Earth

Name of God/Goddess:Apollo
Appearance: he has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, electric blue eyes that can turn into a dark ocean blue, has a lean figure, not exactly skinny but not muscular either, prefers to be shirtless all the time, he is very handsome and has very fair skin, he wears blue jeans and converse shoes.  
Personality: he is extremely vain and worries more about his appearances most of the time then anything else, he always shows off his abilities to the other Gods and only wishes to live in beautiful places such as Elysium. When he wants to though he will play his harp and is willing to learn how to play new instruments.
Misc:Always fixes his hair when it is messed up, writes poetry only about himself
Safe Heaven: Elysium

Name of God/Goddess: Ares
Appearance: he is pale with short dark red hair and auburn eyes, muscular body type and rough looking skin despite his youthful looks, he always wears a silver helmet with dried blood on the edges of it along with simple chain mail and prefers to always be barefoot.
Personality: he is very blunt and straight forward when he speaks, he isn't afraid to start a fight even if it is for nothing, he accepts any challenge and dives in without any second thought or proper preparations. He looks up to Zeus however and will follow his orders, even if it means putting his weapons down, he doesn't get along well with anyone besides him. He also despises modern clothes as it slows him down and is uncomfortable with modern technology.
Misc: always seems to carry a spear, ax, or one-handed sword or a combination of the three.
Safe Heaven: Olympus

Name of Human: Percy Smith
Reincarnation of: Perseus
Appearance: White hair tied up in a ponytail that goes past his shoulders, he is a tall male who is skinny with forest green eyes, his skin is fair but very pale.
Personality: he is a very nervous person, not used to making friends, he stays indoors a majority of the time unless he really has to go out for something he needs and goes out mostly during the night in order to avoid people.
Misc: hides his ability from the Gods, Hermes visits him and tries to cheer him up.
Abilities: can turn people into stone at will
Constellation: Perseus
Date-of-Birth: April 12

Name of Human: Devin Lionheart
Reincarnation of: Daedalus
Appearance: Very tan from working outside with orange eyes along with short light blue hair, he wears boots all of the time and is slightly muscular but mostly lean, he is found most of the time very filthy and concentrated on his gardening.
Personality:Always diligent and hardworking, he can come off as a very serious person at times but he is generous and kind, helping anyone that asks for his assistance. He will also try his best to cheer people up with his magic tricks.
Misc: He loves to perform magic tricks and has a green thumb, he avoids shrubs and hedges though as he always turns them into mazes, he knows Trevor quite well despite hating him.
Abilities: None
Constellation: Cancer
Date-of-Birth: March 2
Horoscope: Pisces

Name of Human: Trevor Long
Reincarnation of: Theseus
Appearance: He has purple eyes along with shoulder length blonde hair and has a lean figure, he wears a gold necklace with a Minotaur bull skull on it.
Personality: he is sly and sees himself as a ladies man, he is egotistic and once he sets his eyes on something he won't quite until he gets it, he usually likes to put people down that he doesn't like and to those he's alright with he's usually content until they push his limits.
Misc: he is slightly stronger then a normal human, being able to carry and use something as heavy as an ax in one hand, he has an unfathomable fear of reptiles, specifically snakes.
Date-of-Birth: May 15
Horoscope: Taurus

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~*Rhea, Olympus| Happy and calm*~
~*Zeus, Olympus| Protective *~

Rhea was in Olympus, visiting her son. Zeus was bored, sitting on his throne. He was chatting with his mother happily, happy to know that she was well and good. His eyes reflected his care for his mother. Rhea had on her usual veil, and a traditional greek dress that was sheer as it descended past her shins. Zeus, however, was shirtless and wearing jeans with no shoes. He didn't like going down to the human world often. Rhea, however, loved it. She told her son of the many experiences she had with the people down there.

"If anyone hurts you, Rhea, let me know and I shall kill them." Zeus said, protective of his mother.

~*Hades, Underworld| Lonely and unsure*~
~*Cerberus, Underworld| Happy*~
~*Thanatos, Underworld| Silent and curious*~

Hades of the Underworld was unsure if he wanted to go and explore in the human world. He was curious about the new technologies that they made. Thanatos didn't say anything against what Hades would normally say. Hades sat on his throne made of bones and fabric. He sighed. Cerberus sat beside the throne, chewing on a bone with his tail wagging.

"Should I go to the human world with Persephone?" Hades asked aloud, mostly to himself.

~*Delphin, Beach| Happy, calm*~

Delphin sat on the beach, looking at the ocean calmly. His blue hair moved lightly in the breeze and his smile was never ceasing as he watched the dolphins play. He sat with one leg outstretched and the other leg pulled close to his body. He took in the sea breeze. He loved the ocean.

~*Rhadamanthys, Underworld Courtroom| Peaceful*~

Rhadamanthys was in the Underworld courtroom, reading his large book of those who have done sins. He had his long, waist-length red hair on his shoulder and tied up. His violet were focused on the large book. Rhadamanthys didn't like Apollo at all, it was one of his quirks. He closed the book and got up. He was going up to the human world for some fresh air.

~*Aria, Park| Lonely*~

Aria sat down on the park bench. He was wearing his casual outfit: white pants and shirt. He removed some of his dirty blonde hair from his eyes and sighed. He took his MP3 out of his pocket and glanced at the amount of songs he had. He loved music with a passion. Aria felt so lonely, it was odd but normal for him to feel lonely. He couldn't speak, maybe that was why. He looked at the sky, taking in its birds and the clouds. He wished he could have someone--anyone that understands him. He smiled through his pain, however.

~*Pandora, WalMart| Shopping!*~

Pandora hated shopping but she had to. She was looking at random prices. She had on her school uniform, she didn't care if her skirt was too high. She continued walking. She bumped into a man, however and snapped. "Hey, watch it you freak!" Then, she continued on her way. She hated groceries.

"It wasn't me.
It was you.
You killed him, and yourself...

"I'm...I'm a crooked man... No matter what, that's what I'll be...and those are the things that I'll have...!"

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In front of Zeus's throne, Ares was arguing with Apollo, who wanted to see Rhea. "You are not allowed, now leave!" the god of war barked at him as he pointed his spear at the blonde figure. Apollo huffed, "I just want to play my harp for her, it's rare that I do this, especially since I have to take care of these good looks, which I don't want ruined right now." he said as he took the part of the spear that was pointed at him and did his best to point it away from him.

"You and your mortal clothes disgust me." Ares said seriously as he took out his sword and also pointed it at the other god.

~Hermes, Earth| Calm

Hermes shrugged and kept walking, he was used to how humans behaved. He had with him a new track suit to replace one that got ruined. His mind began to wander again as he wondered why Zeus and some of the other gods did not like Earth, he even felt somewhat of an outcast because of his love for the mortal world. He kept it to himself however and quietly sighed as he went to go pay for the clothes.

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