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The Unofficial Rulebook

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1 The Unofficial Rulebook on Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:02 pm


Something unofficial and rejected by the site but something that must be read.

Let's be Unofficial
I. In the case of a character wearing a suit, the Admin [i.e Trick], may have permission to shout "Objection!" at any time out of character.

II. Any tree is to be named Gonzalez/Gonzales and will be worshipped by those named Lloyd.

III. Birds can not fly if they are in tuxedoes, end of story.

IV. Ice Cream is banned from the site.

V. Suits do not mean it's Casual Friday.

VI. All Roleplayers must dance if the Admin or one of the Moderators shouts "Double Rainbow!"

VII. All karaoke is banished due to the repetition of said Double Rainbow.

VIII. The Administrator [i.e Trick] is always right.

All those who do not follow these rules will marry zombies and be slapped with trouts.

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